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Meet The Team:

Hey there. I am the proud & oldest daughter of Totally Awesome Maids'

company owner, Jeinta Durrett. For the past three years, I have been

working closely with the company doing a variety of activities from

cleaning homes, scheduling appointments, and meeting with new clients

while performing physical assessments and creating cleaning plans that best fit for their

home. I also handle majority of our advertising, employee management and even built our website. One thing I really love is a clean, spot free home. If my home is not that way, I promise you I am probably running around the house stressed out until I get it cleaned. See, that's a big reason why I am working so closely with this company. So our clients won't ever have to worry about that; we're here to make life easier. 

Serina Durrett

Assistant Business Manager, Customer Relations Manager, HR

Terry H.

Team Member, Totally Awesome Maid (1+ Years)

After 2 years of working and growing with the company, Luz has become one of the strongest maids in our team. She is very hard-working and there is no house that she can't handle! She's quick but good with the details and has a knack to make those bathrooms & kitchens shine!​ 

Alex K.

Team Member, Totally Awesome Maid (New!)

She goes by Teresa but her friends call her Terry. Super sweet and from the North Eastern part of the US, Terry has made cleaning a big part of her life for more than 15 years! She is the Queen of dusting and makes all those pesky dust-bunnies bow down before her. 

​​Awesome Maids

Luz P.

Team Member, Totally Awesome Maid (2+ Years)

" Our name says it all!"

My name is Jeinta Durrett. I was born and raised

in Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. I've been

living in North Carolina for over 15 years now and am very proud to call it my home. I am a Mother of Four, ranging from 15 to 24, who are my world. I've been married for 24 years to a loving husband. I also have a cat and two dogs, a black lab & a mix breed, living as family in my home as well.  As a person I am very honest but friendly, sweet and reliable and believe me when I say, I know what it takes to keep a clean home. Sometimes, we just need help. I have been Professionally cleaning homes for years while maintaining a clean home for my large family. I love what I do and love helping others which is why I decided to open my very own cleaning business, Totally Awesome Maids.


Jeinta Durrett

Business Owner, Mother & Wife


" Our name says it all!"

​​Awesome Maids

At Totally Awesome Maids, we take our time to find and create the best team to deliver our awesome services, each and every time.

Each member has been carefully reviewed, background checked, and certified to provide your home with security and consistency.

We understand that letting us into your home not only means getting a job done, but also that we are to respect and take great care of your most intimate space.

We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured. We know that accidents happen but don't worry, we got it covered.

We know what it takes to have a clean home and after getting to know you and your home, we promise to do our best to provide you with the same crew with each visit.

Relax, You're in good, clean hands. 

Although she is new to the team, you can't even tell. Alex is very hard-working and determined to put her best foot forward with our team and your home. If there is ever any thing you need, just let her know and she'll be happy to give you results that are totally awesome. Welcome to the team, Alex! We are glad to have you as a new team member.