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" Our name says it all!"

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About the Company

     Totally Awesome Maids is a Local, Family-Owned & Operated, Small Business established in the heart of North Carolina, Raleigh. Jeinta, the founder of Totally Awesome Maids, started our company back in 2014 with  big dreams & high standards  when it comes to our services. While she had humble beginnings as a House Wife taking great care in raising her family of 4 children, she had her mind set on putting together a cleaning business. And like most mothers, she didn't do it for herself-- but for the future of her kids.

      Even though she wasn't sure where to start, she knew what her final goal was-- to have a Totally Awesome cleaning company that actually cared for their customers and their homes. At Totally Awesome Maids, we want to be able to show that by becoming well known, loved and established right here in North Carolina with plans to expand outwards among the Eastern United States.

     And with high hopes of growing through out the area, we made sure we are doing it right as a business. We pay our taxes. We handle payroll. We made sure to be not only licensed to operate in the State of North Carolina, but also be bonded and insured. We love our employees and make sure they are taken well cared of, because we believe a happy team is a happy business.
     Meanwhile we are sure that there are quite a few other residential cleaning companies in the area, we believe that we are not your average cleaning crew. At Totally Awesome Maids, we like to not only clean your home, but make a difference too. Our services focus on all of the details, including the small ones that sometimes go unnoticed but still puts a special touch on our cleanings. Every little detail counts. By the time we are done in your home, we want you to have no reserves when it comes to inviting guests over for that brunch or get together you had in mind.

We're here to make your life easier. It's what we want to do and we're pretty good at it.

Why not give us a try? We promise you won't regret it. Our name does say it all. We are Totally Awesome Maids