"I have had other cleaners but I never felt they were worth the money. Jeinta and the team cleaned my house to my standards and do it well. They are now my regular cleaners."  

 -- Andrea B.     

Master Bedroom

✓ Dust baseboards, pictures, windowsills, blinds, décor,

✓ Dust baseboards, windowsills, blinds & décor
    lampshades, light fixtures, ceiling fan
✓ Sanitize door/cabinet knobs, light switches

✓ Spot clean lamps, furniture, décor 

✓ Clean microwave (interior & exterior
✓ Beds made and linens changed
✓ Clean Stovetop
    (if beds are stripped & clean sheets are left on bed)
✓ Clean kitchen counters/sink
✓ Sanitize of door knobs, light switches & remotes
✓ All appliance surfaces cleaned
✓ General straightening up
✓ Clean back entry door
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Vacuum or mop floors

✓ Vacuum or mop floors

Master Bathroom
Family, Dining & Other Living Spaces
✓ Dust baseboards, windows, light fixtures, décor

✓ Dust baseboards, pictures, windowsills, blinds,

✓ Sanitize door knobs and light switches
     light fixtures, ceiling fan and décor
✓ Sanitation of sinks and vanities
✓ Spot clean lamps, furniture, décor
✓ Mirrors cleaned
✓ Sanitize door knobs, light switches & remotes
✓ Sanitation of showers and bathtubs
✓ All hard furniture surfaces cleaned
✓ Toilets cleaned
✓ General straightening up
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Floors vacuumed or mopped
✓ Vacuum or mop floors


✓ Dust baseboards, pictures, windowsills, blinds, décor,

✓ Sanitation of sinks and vanities

    lampshades, light fixtures, ceiling fan and cobwebs

✓ Mirrors cleaned
✓ Beds made and linens changed 
✓ Sanitation of door knobs and light switches
    (if beds are stripped & clean sheets are left on bed)
✓ Sanitation of showers and bathtubs
✓ General straightening up
✓ Toilets cleaned
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Garbage removal
✓ Vacuum or mop floors
✓ Floors vacuumed or mopped

Hallways & Stairs

+ Add On's

✓ General straightening up

Detailed Baseboard wipe-down

✓ Dust baseboards, pictures, windowsills, blinds,

Oven Cleaning
    décor, lampshades, light fixturesRefrigerator Cleaning
✓ Cobweb removalCupboard Cleaning (interior)
✓ Garbage removal
Window Cleaning (glass, blinds, sill, frame)
✓ Vacuum or mop floors
Porch Cleaning

Deep clean- for a more detailed result!

A Touch of Awesome

Totally Awesome Maids

Our basic & routine cleaning package.

Thank you for choosing a Touch of Awesome, by Totally Awesome Maids! With this service, our goal is to maintain the clean in your home- keeping your home fresh while you focus on other important things. 

Below we have provided a cleaning checklist of our own so that there are no surprises, unless it's a little something extra special! We do our very best to ensure our services are totally awesome, each and every time by providing both you and our team members a list of what we can do.While this is our basic cleaning package, we understand that every home is unique. If you’d like to make any special requests, please give our office a call and we will be happy to customize your cleaning plan.

Looking for an even deeper and more thorough cleaning? Ask about our Totally Clean deep cleaning services. At least one deep clean is recommended per year, why not let us take care of it for you?

Our Promise.

Our work is good. Actually, no. It's Totally Awesome. We promise.  And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

If we missed something or didn't meet your expectations, please don't hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible. Your satisfaction with us is highly important to us and we are more than happy to come back and make it right.